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Level up your sound production with the Endgame Gear MICARM. With three pivoting joints and a maximum length of 960mm, this mounting arm elevates your microphone to reduce the risk of knocks and bumps polluting your sound. This arm clamps directly onto your desk with a grommet - no need for drilling into place! Available in either black or white, this microphone arm will blend seamlessly into your gaming set-up and has been designed to match the Endgame Gear XSTRM Microphone. ENDGAME GEAR MICARM AT A GLANCE: Microphone arm with three pivoting joints for maximum flexibility Integrated USB-A cable and two-port USB connector Spring-loaded with screw mechanism for adjustments, extend up to 960mm long Designed to support the Endgame Gear XSTRM Microphone Includes 5/8" and 3/8" threads to optimise compatibility with most microphones Clamps onto desk via grommet, rubberised for grip HIGHLY FLEXIBLE The Endgame Gear MICARM is an excellent addition to your set-up, for streamers, podcasters, and content creators alike. This microphone mount features three joints that are equipped with spring-loaded screw mechanisms, allowing you to adjust the height and angle of your microphone. Fully extended, it can reach up to 960mm in length. When folded away and at its most compact, this arm reaches 460mm out across your desk. The joints, granting the Endgame Gear MICARM its flexibility, are situated at the top, middle, and base of the arm. Each can be adjusted independently of the other, to varying degrees. The base joint moves up to 120° whilst the middle joint manoeuvres over 180°. Most malleable of all, the top joint moves across 210°, allowing you to position your microphone exactly where you need it. Finally, the Endgame Gear MICARM can be rotated the full 360°, offering you fully flexibility when attaching to your desk. USB INTEGRATION To reduce cable clutter and keep your desk tidy, the Endgame Gear MICARM features an integrated USB-A cable. At 2.5m long, it is more than capable of reaching your gaming PC or USB hub, even when the arm is fully extended. The top section of the arm features a two-port USB hub, which transfers both power and data. Included with the Endgame Gear MICARM are a number of short USB adapter cables, each 35mm in length. These go from USB-A to a smaller connector, such as USB-C or Micro-USB. As a result, you can connect most microphones to the integrated USB cable, and subsequently your gaming PC, with minimal cable clutter. EXTENSIVE COMPATIBILITY The Endgame Gear MICARM was designed for the Endgame Gear XSTRM USB Microphone. The overall aesthetic of this microphone arm matches the sleek style of the microphone, even down to the colour. The Endgame Gear MICARM is available in either black or white. This model is white, perfect for complementing or contrasting your chosen microphone. What's more, the Endgame Gear MICARM has been optimised to work with most common microphones with USB connectivity. The microphone mounting screw utilises a 5/8" thread, which can be removed to reveal an additional mount with a 3/8" thread. The maximum load the Endgame Gear MICARM can bear is 900g. EASY TO ATTACH Optimising user-friendly features, the Endgame Gear MICARM clamps onto your desk via a grommet. Rubberised for extra grip, this clamp extends to a maximum height of 55mm, making it compatible with a wide range of desks. What's more, attaching via grommet negates the need for drilling holes and screwing the arm into place. ENDGAME GEAR MICARM SPECIFICATIONS: Brand: Endgame Gear Model: MICARM Colour: White Maximum Load: 900g Compatibility: Endgame Gear XSTRM USB Microphone Most common microphones with 5/8" or 3/8" threads and USB connectivity Number of Joints: 3 Joint Mechanism: Spring-loaded with screw mechanism Maximum Angle Range: Base joint: 120° Middle joint: 180° Top joint: 210° Length: Fully extended: 960mm Fully retracted: 460mm Rotation: 360° Clamp: Rubberised grommet Max height: 55mm USB Connectivity: Integrated 2.5m USB-A cable Two-port USB connector Power and data USB Adaptor Cables: USB-A to USB-B USB-A to USB-C USB-A to Mini-USB USB-A to Micro-USB Microphone Mount: Removable 5/8" thread header 3/8" thread header beneath Box Contents: 1 x Endgame Gear MICARM microphone arm with integrated USB-A cable 4 x 35cm USB adapter cables User manual