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Industry Standard Sound ISSLM420H USB Lapel Clip On Microphone With Headphone Input
  • ALUMINIUM BODY: No cheap, easily breakable plastic body on this clip on microphone, this mic is wrapped in steel, because we have some pride in our products
  • NOISE CANCELLING: Not only is this Mic bringing your voice physically closer to the source, the noise cancelling functionality brings a greater deal of clarity to your speech or recording
  • EXTRA LONG CABLE: No more confines, the ISS mic provides you with freedom by giving you a extra long cable
  • INTEGRATED SOUND CARD: More than just a universal adapter the ISSLM420H features a integrated sound card within it's USB adapter to improve the sound quality of your recording
  • MONITORING: The ISSLM420H includes a 35mm input so you can monitor your own recording as it happens This makes it great for reducing any post production edits in addition to making it an ideal option for Skype and gaming uses
The Industry Standard Sound Lapel USB Microphone is the perfect solution for those content creators stationed in one location. This his makes it perfect for conference calling, twitch streaming and podcasting.
USB on the device serves two purposes, whilst offering a huge level of plug-and-play compatibility with all laptops, desktops and other devices.
It houses an integrated sound card. The sound card boosts the quality of the audio recorded and means that older devices are supported independently.
As with all Industry Standard Sound products the Lapel USB Microphone is made from sturdy materials, in this case milled aluminium.
The Mics are supported with over 2 metres of cabling giving you the freedom and space you need to conduct a seamless recording.
Metal Construction & Intergrated Soundcard - Made from materials that last, no plastic here this USB mic is made to last. The USB connection features an integrated soundcard making it perfect for improving your sound capture.
Monitoring your recording - The ISS420H features an inbuilt 3.5mm input for headphones. Allowing you to monitor your sound capture on the fly to ensure the quality and performance you require are being received.
20 Feet of cable - The length of the Mic's audio cable means that you are not limited by the restrictions of the average USB microphone.