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Jaxville ST1-DM-PK Demon Design St Style Electric Guitar Pack with Guitar Amplifier Guitar Bag Guitar Strings Guitar Strap Guitar Lead and Guitar Plectrums
  • The Jaxville ST is an extremely versatile guitar with the capability to play all styles from all genres.
  • Its distinctive and stylish dual horn design not only looks impressive but allows the guitarist to reach the very top notes for guitar solos and licks.
  • Practice in your bedroom, garage or almost anywhere you wish. Easily transported with its lightweight construction and strong carry handle.

For something a little bit special, look no further than the Jaxville Custom Series Demon guitar. This exclusively designed eye eye-catching guitar with everything you need to get started is sure to help you on your way to the stage This classic shaped guitar is popular worldwide for its sleek contoured body making it comfortable to play whether you're sitting at home on the sofa or standing on the stage.

Its double cut-aways make it easier for you to reach those high notes on the neck as well as adding to the distinctive look with its two 'horns'.