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  • Ergonomic Design: Lightweight contoured bodied Ukulele designed for playability across every age group
  • High Gloss Finish: Available in a range of colors the Martin Smith Ukuleles feature a high gloss finish, looking as good as they sound
  • Nylon Ukulele Strings: Softer on your fingers and generating a warm tone, this Ukulele comes pre-strung
  • Tuning: This Ukulele has metal gearheads, These allow for accurate, easy tuning and are a lot more durable than their plastic counterparts
  • Ukulele Bag & Chord Book: Coming with your Uke is a gig bag meaning it can come with you wherever you go and it comes with a chord book to get you started
  • Note: Nylon strings need to be tuned frequently while they settle. Strings mustn't be tightened and tuned too fast, nylon is fragile and needs to be stretched slowly