Qty available: 1000
Martin Smith AGS-02 Portable folding Guitar Stand Classical Guitar Stand Acoustic Guitar Stand and Electric Guitar Stand
  • To ensure the safety of your guitar and its surroundings the Martin Smith guitar stand has fitted soft touch rubber pads
  • The Martin Smith guitar stand can be folded up for transport or storage so neatly that it can fit into most standard guitar bag pockets.
  • One of the Martin Smith guitar stands greatest features are its adjustable support grips.

The Martin Smith guitar stand is ideal for musicians with limited display or storage space. Suitable for all guitar sizes, it's sturdy construction displays the guitar with less floor space intrusion of bigger stands without compromising on protection.

It features soft rubber adjustable grips ensuring your guitar rests securely.

When not in use the Martin Smith stand can fold away into a compact transportable block handy for guitarists on the move.