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RockJam RJCAPO-CH Universal quick release trigger Guitar Capo for Acoustic Guitar Capo and Electric Guitar Capo Chrome
  • Padding on reverse of the handle protects hands when using the guitar capo
  • Curved rubber padding for use with both curved and straight fretboards
  • Spring loaded with quick release and grip function
This chrome RockJam guitar capo is sturdy, durable and hardwearing with a trigger mechanism for ease of use It is a lightweight, portable guitar capo and lets you experiment playing in different keys at ease.
The RockJam Guitar Capo is designed to be used with almost any standard guitar neck as well as both straight and curved fretboards due to the unique design.
The exceptional spring trigger fastens the guitar capo securely round the back of the neck with an angled, padded grip, whilst the top of the guitar capo rests on top of the strings and has full rubber padding that protect your instruments' strings and fretboard ensuring nothing is damaged or marked.