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  • The RockJam 461 keyboard piano features a pitch bench, smoothing the transitions between notes.
  • The LCD display on the RockJam Keyboard piano provides you with information on your current settings in addition to feedback as you play.
  • With a total of 600 features that are all designed to get your creative juices flowing this 61-key keyboard gives you an endless range of opportunities to express yourself.
61 Full-Size Keys: Despite its highly portable and compact design, This RockJam keyboard piano houses 61 full-sized keys to replicate the feel of a traditional piano.

Modern Features: This RockJam digital piano combines 61 percussion instruments, 300 rhythms, 300 tones, pitch bend, 118 record and playback functions, micro SD, aux-in, and USB inputs.

Portable & Mains Powered: Powered by either main power (power adaptor included) or batteries this RockJam Electronic keyboard is ideal for making music both when at home and on the move.

Musical Education: For beginners taking their first steps on a musical journey, a RockJam keyboard piano has two inbuilt teaching modes, exclusive Simply Piano app content (iOS & Android), and Keynotes stickers. Accessories:

This piano keyboard comes with a power supply, sheet music stand & piano note stickers.