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RockJam Full-Sized Drum Kit with Five Drums, Two Cymbals, Drum Throne & Drumsticks - Blue
  • The snare drum is perhaps the classic drum and can be played as an individual instrument.
  • Three Tom-Tom drums are better than one! Two hanging toms free up the floor room and the standalone floor Tom adds distinct sound.
  • The bass drum, also known as the kick drum, is an integral part of the RockJam drum set. Play it with the included foot pedal to produce low-frequency tones.

The RockJam full-sized drum kit is the ideal starting point for any aspiring drummer. This drum set contains everything you need to take you from desktop drumming to gigging musicians.

Coming in one box, this package includes five drums, a 20 by 14-inch bass drum, 16 by 14-inch floor tom, 10 by 8 inch Tom Tom, 12 by 9 inch Tom Toms, 14 by 5 inch Snare Drum, Two 12 inch Hi-Hat Cymbals, and one 14 inch crash cymbal.

RockJam Full Sized Drum Kit comes with Five Drums, Two Cymbals, a Bass Pedal, Drum Throne and drumsticks.