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RockJam Universal Guitar Accessories Super-kit with Guitar Wall Mount, Electric Guitar Strings, Acoustic Guitar Strings, Guitar Tuner Multi-Tool, Guitar Capo, Guitar Plectrums & Guitar Pick Holder
  • The Auto-lock guitar hanger features foam padded arms and a pressure sensitive lock ensuring the guitar is fully protected whilst stored.
  • The 3-in-1 re-string tool has a string winder for faster string removal, a pin remover for those hard to get end pins and a string cutter.
  • The string cleaner has been designed to carefully remove built-up grease from the strings and fretboard.
The RockJam guitar accessories super kit is jam-packed with a set of high-quality components making it the ideal gift for guitar players of every variety.
Everything a guitarist needs to store, maintain and play in one survival kit box.
The kit comprises of a auto-locking guitar hanger, Universal guitar capo, 3-in-1 re-string tool, string and fret cleaner, assorted plectrums, acoustic strings and electric sttrings.