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RockJam RJSP01 Professional Sustain Pedal for Digital Pianos and Electronic Keyboards with Polarity Switch
  • Sturdy and Dependable - In addition to being made from strong material, the sustain pedal features four strong rubber grips on the bottom, permitting the player to press down hard, without fear of the pedal slipping or sliding during more active recitals.
  • Play Freely - The sustain pedal features a 1.8-meter cable, a 6.35 mm jack, and a polarity switch that ensures compatibility with most digital pianos.
  • Beautiful Design for Beautiful Music - The RockJam Universal Keyboard Sustain Pedal works the same way as the sustain pedal of a traditional piano - holding a note as long as it is pressed
Produce high-quality music that used to be only possible with a piano and not an electronic keyboard with the RockJam RJSP01 sustain pedal.
Featuring a thick rubber sole underneath and heavy base material which prevents the pedal from sliding while you play.
The chrome pedal features a professional polished aesthetic. Including an 18-meter cable with 635 mm jack, the RockJam pedal has been designed for ease of use in any playing position and situation.