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RockJam MS050 Microphone Stand Microphone Scissor Arm Stand Compact Mic Stand made of Durable Steel
  • ADJUSTABLE: The RockJam Mic stand is flexible to your needs, Easily change the height, angle of your microphone and direction of your microphone stand with a 90-degree pivot point
  • SOLID: With a frame made of steel and a durable plastic microphone clip the RockJam Mic boom stand is constructed to last
  • UNIVERSAL: The RockJam scissor microphone stand provides a microphone clip that allows you to accommodate microphones of varying sizes
  • SECURE: The RockJam Scissor mic stand clamp attaches sturdily to desks making it perfect for online broadcasting, radio and Pod's
  • PORTABLE: The RockJam boom arm easily folds to a compact size making a perfect for multi-location uses
The RockJam microphone stand is a strong, sturdy and supple piece of kit that has been designed to work universally across a range of microphones and environments.
So if you a Twitch streamer, a Podcast recorder, a YouTube streamer, a radio broadcaster, a live performer or a recording artist then give your microphone the security deserve and your audience, the benefit of a boom arm that will contort to your needs, no matter on the environment, to keep you sounding crisp.
360-Degree Pivot - The RockJam boom mic stand features a 360-degree angle pivot to ensure your comfort when capturing content or to move on the fly if you have multiple contributors.
Adjustable Spring Tension - Once you are satisfied with the positioning of your microphone arm the adjustable spring tension on the RockJam microphone boom arm can be quickly tightened to retain this position.
Steel Body - Bumps and scrapes will happen in the throws of everyday life.
The RockJam microphone stand is constructed out of steel to withstand the damage that this may incur.
A Complete Package - The RockJam desk mic stand comes complete with all you need in one package. It also folds away neatly for those of you who create content in multiple locations.