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Singing Machine SML682BTW Bluetooth and CD Karaoke Machine with LED Lights and Microphone - Black
  • Display Your Lyrics - The RCA output on the Singing Machine 682 (cables included)
  • Illuminate The Room - The built-in LED lights that appear on the Singing Machine 682 move in time to the music
  • 6 Watt LED's
Play Your CDs & CD+G's - CD+G's are karaoke CDs that will enable you to display a song's lyrics on an external screen whilst your music plays.
You can also play regular CD's. The Singing Machine 682 Karaoke machine combines all the best Karaoke functionality that we have all enjoyed like streaming lyrics on your TV and CDs with modern features like Bluetooth so it's a real crowd-pleaser no matter the environment or the audience.
Pair with your mobile device to play back the music you want to sing along to from your favourite streaming services like Amazon Music and more.