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tart your streaming career right with Streamplify. This Complete Bundle includes everything you need to streaming high-quality gaming content. It includes the MIC ARM, CAM, LIGHT 10, LIGHT 14, SCREEN LIFT, and HUB CTRL 7 all from the Streamplify Range. THE FEATURES OF THE STREAMPLIFY COMPLETE BUNDLE AT A GLANCE: Streaming bundle including a microphone, webcam, and ring light Cardioid microphone with pop filter designed for streaming RGB lighting with two RGB modes and 8 effects 2.0 megapixel webcam with Full HD 1080p resolution All glass lens with auto-focus and light enhancement features 10" ring light with 10 brightness levels and 3 colour temperatures 14" ring light with 10 brightness levels and 4 colour temperatures Includes smartphone holder, camera mounts, and two-in-one tripod Green screen measuring 1.5m by 2m Features lockable wheels for easy movement and secure placement Streaming deck with 7 slots for connecting devices Six USB 3.0 slots and one USB 2.0A with LED power indicators MIC ARM Be heard loud and clear with the Streamplify MIC ARM Microphone. Equipped with an adjustable arm mount, you have full flexibility when it comes to placing this cardioid microphone. Plus, with RGB lighting, this is going to look stylish no matter what content you produce. Whether you're streaming, vlogging, or podcasting, the two audio out modes can be used to best support the content you make. What's more, your audience will enjoy audio free from plosive sounds and air interference thanks to the integrated pop filter. Plus, with a quick mute function, you have full control in your hands. CAM With the Streamplify CAM FHD 60FPS Webcam you can capture crisp, high-quality video at to share with your growing community. The 2.0 megapixel camera has a full HD resolution at 60 frames per second. With its all-glass lens, this webcam has auto adjustment features for presenting you in the best natural lighting and focus. Plus, with a 90° field of vision, you can craft the perfect backdrop to your livestream or vlog. Supported by many popular applications, like OBS and Twitch Studio, this is the perfect webcam for recording your content - either in MJPEG or YUV2. LIGHT 10 Level up your production values with the Streamplify LIGHT 10 Ring Light. A 10" ring light, it features ten brightness levels and three colour temperature modes to perfectly illuminate you during your stream. Equipped with a smartphone holder and camera mount, however you record content, this ring light will always light up your best side. Plus, included is a foldable tripod, with 5cm of height adjustment, which provides a stable foundation for this light. Highly versatile, there is also a 5V USB for connecting to power banks, allowing you to take your lighting on the go. LIGHT 14 Illuminate your stream with Streamplify LIGHT 14 Ring Light. A 14" ring light, it features ten brightness levels and four colour temperature modes to perfectly light you during your stream. Equipped with a smartphone holder and two camera mounts, however you record content, this ring light will always light up your best side. Plus, the two-in-one Selfie Stick Tripod allows you to operate this light in two distinct ways: Tripod Stand mode and Selfie Stick mode. Highly versatile, you can make content on the go and even keep devices charged utilising the extra USB port. SCREEN LIFT Take your streaming to the next level with a green screen. The Streamplify SCREEN LIFT measures 1.5m x 2m to fully encompass your background. Utilising a water-repellent and crease-resistant material, this green screen is highly durable and a great addition to your streaming setup. Plus, with its lockable wheels and hydraulic lift, it is easy to manoeuvre, adjust, and store when not in use. HUB CTRL 7 Level up your stream and stay organised with the Streamplify HUB CTRL 7 Deck. Featuring six USB 3.0 ports and one USB with 2.0A power charging, each support customisable, acrylic icons, so you can configure this hub to best suit your needs. There are sixteen icons to choose from, catering to your every need. Every port has a dedicated power button that is equipped with an indicator LED. Additionally, each of the acrylic icons is illuminated with RGB lighting from LEDs embedded in the casing. Everything you need to know, at a glance.