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Level up your production values with the Streamplify LIGHT 10 Ring Light. A 10" ring light, it features ten brightness levels and three colour temperature modes to perfectly illuminate you during your stream. Equipped with a smartphone holder and camera mount, however you record content, this ring light will always light up your best side. Plus, included is a foldable tripod, with 5cm of height adjustment, which provides a stable foundation. What's more, this ring light is highly versatile thanks to the 5V USB port which can be connected to a power bank. Achieve natural lighting wherever you go. THE FEATURES OF THE STREAMPLIFY LIGHT 10 RING LIGHT AT A GLANCE: 10" ring light with 10 brightness levels and 3 colour temperatures Includes smartphone holder, camera mount, and foldable tripod In-line controller for lighting setting adjustments on the fly Versatile lighting solution that can be adjusted 5cm in height Natural and vivid lighting with CRI ≧ 90 Includes a 5V USB cable to interface with power banks for lighting on the go Versatile and sturdy ring light for all your content needs Streamplify LIGHT 10 Ring Light EASY TO CONTROL LIGHTING The Streamplify LIGHT 10 Ring Light will level up the production values of your streaming. With ten brightness levels and three colour temperatures, you can find the perfect setting to illuminate your best side. The in-line controller allows you to easily scroll through the different levels and tones, until you find the one to suit your needs. Pure sunlight has a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 100, the Streamplify LIGHT 10 has one of ≧ 90. This equates to being able to replicate over 90% of the visible colour spectrum that is naturally produced by the sun. The result is rich, vibrant, and natural lighting, every time. VERSATILE DESIGN The Streamplify LIGHT 10 rests upon a foldable tripod. Depending on how you need to use it, the legs can open out to rest upon a surface or be retracted in to become a handle you can hold. Furthermore, each leg can be individually adjusted from 20cm to 25cm in height. This allows you to configure the ring light for whatever content you're producing. Additionally, the package contents include a smartphone holder and camera mount. Attaching to the middle of the ring light provides the best lighting for anything you record on your phone or camera. What's more, you can create a multi-camera set-up with this ring light and other accessories from the Streamplify range. LIGHTING ON THE GO In addition to a foldable tripod, the Streamplify LIGHT 10 was designed to be portable. This ring light is equipped with a 5V USB which allows you to keep it charged using a power bank*. Whether you are live-streaming outside or inside your home studio, this USB allows you to stay properly lit no matter where you go. *Power bank is not included.