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Be heard loud and clear with the Streamplify MIC ARM Microphone. Equipped with an adjustable arm mount, you have full flexibility when it comes to placing this cardioid microphone. Plus, with RGB lighting, this is going to look stylish no matter what content you produce. Whether you're streaming, vlogging, or podcasting, the two audio out modes can be used to best support the content you make. What's more, your audience will enjoy audio free from plosive sounds and air interference thanks to the integrated pop filter. Plus, with a quick mute function, you have full control in your hands. THE FEATURES OF THE STREAMPLIFY MIC ARM RGB MICROPHONE WITH ARM MOUNT AT A GLANCE: Cardioid microphone with pop filter designed for streaming RGB lighting with two RGB modes and 8 effects Fully adjustable microphone arm with shock mount included High sound quality for ultra-clear audio Pro-grade materials and professional design making a premium microphone Two audio out modes: Full and One Way Playbacks Quick mute function CRYSTAL CLEAR AUDIO Utilising pro-grade materials, the Streamplify MIC ARM delivers crystal clear audio, every time. With a cardioid pick-up pattern, the front of the microphone is very sensitive whilst the sides and back have near-zero sensitivity. As a result, no unwanted noise is picked up by the sides and back of this microphone. Leaving you confident your audio is uncorrupted by background noise. Enhancing clarity, a pop filter is integrated into the design of the Streamplify MIC ARM. This protects your audio from pesky plosive sounds, caused by letters like p, b, and t, as well as any air interference. Pop sounds are reduced, leaving your audio crisp. What's more, you can take full control thanks to the quick mute function. Silence your audio on the fly, for when life interrupts your streaming. The mute button also doubles as a volume wheel. TWO AUDIO MODES Granting multi-functionality, the Streamplify MIC ARM Microphone is equipped with two audio playback modes. These are Full Playback Podcast Mode and One-Way Playback Gaming Mode. Both modes are tailored for different uses, optimising the Streamplify MIC ARM for your content. The Full Playback Podcast Mode plays your audio back, allowing you to fine tune your content for the best listening experience. As the name would suggest, this is great for recording podcasts. One-Way Playback Gaming Mode is better suited to streaming, as you won't be distracted by the playback in your headset. You can speak your mind and concentrate on those critical battle moments. ARM MOUNT Included with the Streamplify MIC ARM is a fully adjustable arm mount. Clamping directly onto your desk, this arm mount is equipped with anti-vibration shock mounts, meaning it will absorb any knocks and bumps before they reach your microphone. Featuring multiple hinges, the arm can be configured so your microphone is perfectly placed. Increase or decrease the height, bring the microphone closer, or even push it to the side when not in use. This arm mount manoeuvres smoothly and with ease. RGB LIGHTING Adding a splash of colour and style, the Streamplify MIC ARM features RGB lighting in a ring below the microphone head. This lighting reacts to the mute function, turning red when activated. Additionally, there are eight preset effects and two lighting modes to cycle manually through. As with the rest of the Streamplify range, this microphone utilises a plug and play interface. This means no additional drivers or software are required for you to get the best out of this hardware. Simply plug into an available USB 2.0 port and enjoy.